Case Study

The Studio 108

Client: Teresa Dornellas

Founder of Studio 108.

Problem: Urgent Malware Cleanup and Page Loading Issues for Studio 108

A longstanding client who has entrusted Heyproxy with several website redesigns and SEO optimizations, Studio 108, faced a critical challenge. The client, self-hosting and managing her website, reached out due to persistent issues with pages not loading, threatening her daily operations. Upon a thorough examination, I discovered a widespread malware infestation at the htaccess level, exacerbating the problem and jeopardizing the website’s integrity. The urgency was twofold: not only did we need to resolve the malware issue to address the page loading problem and redirect errors but, crucially, we had to do so without any downtime, considering the website served as her daily point-of-sale for selling tickets to classes. Finding a solution that seamlessly eradicated the malware while ensuring uninterrupted functionality became paramount to restore the website’s performance and maintain its crucial role in daily business operations.

Solution: Swift Malware Remediation and Secure Hosting Transition by Heyproxy

Faced with Studio 108’s urgent malware issue, Heyproxy executed a meticulous solution to safeguard the website and address the client’s long-term concerns.


  1. The process began with a comprehensive scan of the website to identify the extent of the malware, coupled with a thorough backup to ensure data integrity.

  2. Subsequently, Heyproxy systematically removed each line of malware at the file level, eradicating the threat and resolving the page loading issues without any downtime.

  3. Acknowledging the client’s apprehensions about the vulnerabilities of her current host, Heyproxy proposed a proactive measure. Recognizing the value of our hosting and management services, the client opted to subscribe to Heyproxy’s hosting. In a seamless transition, we not only cleared Studio 108’s website of malware but also facilitated the migration to our secure servers. This dual approach not only resolved the immediate crisis but also provided a long-term solution by enhancing the website’s security and reliability on Heyproxy’s managed hosting.

Results: Seamless Malware Removal, Downtime-Free Migration, and Performance Enhancement

The solution implemented by Heyproxy for Studio 108 yielded resounding success. The meticulous removal of malware and the seamless migration to our servers were executed without a single moment of downtime for the client. Remarkably, even as she participated in a yoga summit, Studio 108 continued actively selling tickets without interruption.

Upon transitioning Studio 108’s website to our hosted servers and gaining access to the file structure for the first time, Heyproxy identified an opportunity for further improvement. By strategically eliminating over 10GB of bloat, we not only reduced the website’s size to below 1GB but also significantly enhanced its overall performance, achieving an impressive performance rating of 91%. These results not only resolved the immediate crisis but also positioned Studio 108 for sustained online success with a more secure, efficient, and high-performing website

Key Takeaways

Heyproxy’s swift and seamless resolution of Studio 108’s malware crisis, coupled with a smooth transition to our hosting services, not only ensured uninterrupted business operations but also uncovered significant opportunities for website optimization. Beyond addressing immediate concerns, the strategic collaboration showcases Heyproxy’s commitment to comprehensive solutions and ongoing enhancements, laying the foundation for a secure, high-performance, and future-proof online presence.

Client Testimonial

“David from Heyproxy is awesome! He’s been helping me with my website for years, having designed two different ones over the years.
His design is beautiful and efficient. He’s very knowledgeable and has helped me tremendously several times. I highly recommend Heyproxy!” – Teresa Dornellas

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