Case Study

The Intersection Daycare

Clients: Jeremiah and Cori Herbert

Lead Pastors of The Intersection Church and founders of Intersection Daycare.

Problem: Navigating Unique SEO Challenges for Intersection Daycare

When Intersection Daycare approached us, they were already a well-established church with over a decade of history and a robust social presence. However, as they ventured into launching a daycare service sharing facilities and an address with the church, a unique challenge emerged. The standard SEO approaches proved insufficient due to the shared location, posing a risk of conflicting signals to search engines and potential misinterpretation as fraudulent activity by Google. The task at hand was to devise a strategy that would harmonize the online presence of the daycare with the existing church while ensuring effective SEO for the new business without triggering algorithmic concerns.

Solution: Seamless Integration and Organic SEO Enhancement by Heyproxy

In tackling the unique SEO challenges faced by Intersection Daycare, Heyproxy implemented a twofold solution.


  1. First and foremost, a new website was meticulously designed to serve the specific needs of the daycare. This website not only presented a user-friendly interface but was also strategically optimized for search engines, ensuring maximum visibility in organic searches.

  2. Furthermore, to address the shared location and enhance the online presence of the daycare, Heyproxy made strategic edits to the existing Google My Business listing. This included the seamless integration of the new daycare business, allowing for clear delineation between the church and daycare services. These strategic measures aimed not only to boost the online visibility of Intersection Daycare but also to harmonize the digital presence of both entities without triggering any adverse SEO implications. The combined efforts formed a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique circumstances of Intersection Daycare’s shared facilities

Results: Successful Organic Listing and Harmonized SEO

The implemented solution by Heyproxy for Intersection Daycare yielded unequivocal success. The daycare now enjoys prominent organic listings on Google, a testament to the effective optimization strategies employed. Importantly, the seamless integration of the daycare into the existing Google My Business listing did not result in any adverse SEO effects on the church. This successful outcome highlights Heyproxy’s ability to navigate unique challenges, ensuring a harmonized online presence for both entities without compromising search engine visibility or triggering any negative repercussions.

Key Takeaways

Heyproxy’s strategic approach not only secured a prominent organic listing for Intersection Daycare on Google but also successfully integrated it into the existing online presence without causing any negative SEO impacts on the church. This showcases our expertise in crafting solutions that harmonize diverse business entities within shared digital spaces, ensuring optimal visibility and a seamless online experience.

Client Testimonial

“Heyproxy was great to work with! David built a complete website for our daycare and went to great lengths to make it specific to who we are and what we do. I am glad we crossed paths and can’t wait to call on Heyproxy again!” – Jeremiah Herbert

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