Case Study

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Client: Damien Lacks

Founder of GrillRilla.

Problem: Establishing an Effective Online Presence for GrillRilla

GrillRilla, a local restaurant and grill, sought to enhance their online presence and streamline their operations to cater to the growing demand for digital engagement in the food industry. The main challenge was to create a seamless online ordering system, improve local search visibility, and implement a comprehensive CRM to manage customer interactions efficiently.

Solution: Tailored Digital Strategy by Heyproxy

After an initial consultation, Heyproxy took charge of GrillRilla’s digital transformation. This encompassed a multifaceted approach outlined below.


  1. First, Heyproxy designed and developed a brand new website for GrillRilla on WordPress. The site was not only visually appealing but also user-friendly and optimized for SEO, making it a powerhouse for local viewers searching for restaurants and food in the area. The website was also optimized for mobile and all devices, ensuring a seamless experience for all users.

  2. To facilitate a seamless online ordering process, Heyproxy integrated DoorDash with GrillRilla’s website. This allowed customers to order food directly from the site, enhancing convenience and boosting online sales.

  3. Recognizing the importance of local search, Heyproxy synchronized GrillRilla’s Google My Business page with the new website. This strategic move aimed to boost local visibility and attract more customers searching for dining options in the area.

  4. To manage customer interactions efficiently, Heyproxy integrated the HubSpot CRM with GrillRilla’s website. This provided GrillRilla with access to a full CRM, enabling them to track customer interactions, manage marketing campaigns, and improve customer service.

  5. Lastly, Heyproxy also provided hosting services for GrillRilla’s website, through our partnership with the Google Cloud Platform, ensuring it remained fast, secure, and reliable.

Results: Enhanced Web Presence and Local SEO Dominance

The collaboration with Heyproxy yielded exceptional results for GrillRilla. Through meticulous website development, seamless online ordering integration, local search optimization, and comprehensive CRM implementation, GrillRilla experienced a significant boost in online visibility and customer engagement. The optimized website became a powerhouse for local viewers, driving increased traffic and online orders. This digital transformation not only streamlined operations but also enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Key Takeaways

Heyproxy’s comprehensive digital solutions not only elevated GrillRilla’s online presence and operational efficiency but also significantly boosted their local visibility and customer engagement. This case exemplifies the transformative power of strategic digital solutions in enhancing both immediate and long-term business growth for local restaurants.

Client Testimonial

“Thanks, Dave! You were a huge help and great to work with. Your expertise and dedication made the entire process smooth and efficient. We couldn’t be happier with the results and look forward to continuing our partnership.” – Damien Lacks

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